Why I don’t like Trump, the media say

A bunch of media outlets have started to attack the media for the way they cover Donald Trump, arguing that they are “overrated” and “hypocritical” for their coverage of him.

The New York Times and Washington Post both made the case that they were the ones that had underestimated Trump before he won the 2016 election.

The Washington Post argued that the media should stop focusing on the “sudden surge of media scrutiny of Mr. Trump, especially since the White House has been unable to provide evidence that his campaign was responsible for the attacks that have plagued cities across the country.”

But some have said that Trump is actually overrated and they were not overreacting to his victory.

They pointed out that he won because he is the only Republican candidate to consistently beat his opponent for the White Senate, even when she has won the majority of delegates in several contests, according to a Politico report.

Media outlets like The Washington Times and Politico have repeatedly pointed out, for instance, that Trump had a relatively small lead in the national polls before the election, but he lost by less than 3 percent in the most recent CNN/ORC survey, which shows him winning the most delegates at stake in the 2016 Republican primaries.

“The Times and Post have repeatedly said that they overestimated Mr. Donald Trump’s standing, and that the only reason he did not win the presidency was because he did poorly in the polls before Election Day,” Vox’s Ezra Klein wrote.

“They also argued that Mr. President-elect Donald Trump is overrated by both the media and voters.”

The New Yorker has been much less critical of the media’s coverage of Trump, saying that “the press has largely missed a major opportunity to help Mr. Trumps presidency.”

He also added that Trump has “made a mistake” in not going to the media to try to win back the support of the Republican Party, arguing “there’s a big difference between winning an election by the plurality of the vote and winning the presidency by the majority.”

The Washington Post has also come out in favor of the press.

It argued that Trump won because “the media were overhyped and they didn’t take him seriously enough.”

The newspaper argued that “Mr. Trump’s team was largely responsible for many of the events that have been unfolding around the country, from the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement to the rise in anti-Semitic sentiment.”

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