Why is soap making the same comeback as water?

JARS, CANNABIS, SOAP, NATIVE Soap companies have come under fire for selling cheaper products in an era of more expensive and more toxic alternatives.

Key points:Soap makers have been under pressure to lower costs amid rising demand from consumers, and to keep their brand names intactSoapmakers have faced criticism from consumer groups for their use of chemical preservatives and other harmful ingredientsIn Australia, one major soapmaker has been criticised for selling a product labelled “water”, with a website that includes a warning that “soap can make you sick”.

It has been branded a “poison pill” and called a “potentially life-threatening chemical”.

Soap maker Soap Factory said on its website that it had used water from a water tank in the Netherlands to make soap for customers and that it was not using any other preservatives.

“Soap made from water is safe and safe to use,” the company said.

“We do not use any chemicals or harmful preservatives that may cause adverse reactions in our customers.”

However, the company’s website says it has tested the soap on animals and has no further information about the safety of the product.

It said it was taking the product “seriously” because of the concern about its use.

“This product was tested in the laboratory and there were no adverse effects on animals,” it said.

A spokesperson for Soap factory Australia said that the company had received reports of “potential” adverse reactions to the soap, but they were not considered to be serious.

The company did not disclose what chemicals it used to make the product or how long the product had been in the tank.

Soap is an essential ingredient in many household cleaners.

It also claims that the product was “cleaner than regular water” and that there was “no preservative in the water”.

However, Dr Sarah Jones from the Australian Cancer Council said the products were dangerous because they could be “potent poison”.

“Soaps have a history of causing adverse reactions.

Soap can be a potentially life-changing chemical and should never be used by anyone who is not familiar with it,” she said.


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