When Rosemary Rios went missing, she didn’t know the answers she was looking for

The story of Rosemary Gonzalez, who went missing in August 2018 and was found dead in a Colorado mountain cabin, was a national story in the months after she went missing.

Now, as her story slowly unravels, a former student of Gonzalez’s has filed a lawsuit alleging that the police department did not provide her with the information she needed to locate her.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in Denver alleges that Gonzalez, a student at Colorado State University, went missing during a school night after an argument with her mother, and that the department failed to provide her family with critical information about the search for her.

“Rosemary Gonzalez went missing from the Colorado Springs Colorado mountains on August 20, 2018.

In September 2018, she was found by a searcher on a Colorado Springs mountain,” the lawsuit said.

“In October 2018, a search team located her body.

Her remains were found in a cabin in the mountains, in a remote location in the Rockies.

She was not wearing a GPS bracelet.

The police department has failed to explain why her body was not found by searchers in September 2018.”

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for Gonzalez’s mother and father, who are also plaintiffs.

The case has drawn attention from a number of high-profile people, including actress Emma Stone and President Donald Trump.

A number of other women have also filed lawsuits against law enforcement agencies for alleged sexual misconduct.

The women are asking for unspecified damages in the lawsuits.

Gonzalez’s mother, Sandra Rodriguez, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the police and the Colorado Department of Public Safety in January 2018, alleging that her daughter was tortured during her interrogation, and then left for dead.

Rodriguez said she was threatened by the officers when she tried to reach her daughter, who was then 19.

She told investigators that Gonzalez was beaten, strangled, and raped.

The lawsuit says that she also told investigators about a man who was allegedly sexually assaulting her daughter.

Rodriquez, who has also been accused of covering up a rape by a former Denver police officer, filed an amended complaint in November 2018 alleging that Gonzalez’s body was found on a mountain near a town called Hinsdale in March 2019, in the same cabin where she was last seen.

She said that Gonzalez had been raped by the man, but no forensic evidence was found.

Rodrickson, who lives in New York, said in a statement to The Associated Press in October 2018 that she believed her daughter had been abducted, but had been dead for at least three weeks before her body could be found.

The AP interviewed Rodriguez about the case.

Rodrizas lawyer, Paul A. Vigliotti, did not respond to requests for comment.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado State Patrol declined to comment Wednesday.

Rodrosas lawsuit claims that the city of Colorado Springs has a policy that it “does not provide a detailed explanation of the case and does not provide information to the family of the deceased.”

The case is being investigated by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, which did not immediately return a call for comment on Wednesday.

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