‘Crown Prince’ to be coronated as crown prince of the Philippines

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday he will crown Prince Ramiro as the country’s new crown prince on Feb. 3, making him the countrys youngest ruler.

Duterte made the announcement at a reception in the Philippine capital Manila for Duterte’s daughter-in-law and son-in, Princess Maria Theresa, and other dignitaries.

The ceremony will be the country s first coronation in a generation.

“I want to congratulate the crown prince, Ramiroc, on the achievement of becoming the next crown prince.

I will crown him as crown princess,” Duterte said in a video message to his supporters.

“The crown prince will take on the duties of the crown princess, so I think that’s how this should go.

I am also the new crown princess.

I also will take care of the other crowns.

So, this is the way it should go,” he said.

“We will not lose.

We will not be defeated.

We have overcome the obstacles, and we are very proud.”

Duterte, a former mayor of Davao City, said his daughter-ins-law, the daughter of Philippine Prime Minister Raul, had been awarded the crown after the death of her father in office.

“My daughter-wife was given the crown.

I want to thank the crown king and the crown queen for that,” Duterte told supporters.

He said the coronation would be held in the Palace of the Holy See in Vatican City.

The coronation ceremony, which will be held at the Vatican, will be televised live.

The Philippines has been ruled by a former military ruler since 1946, but it was not until Duterte came to power in May last year that the country was formally re-instated as a democracy.

The current president has said he would not recognize the Philippines as a country with a constitutional monarchy.

The Philippine constitution has long provided for the president to choose the new king or queen and appoint his or her own ministers.

Duterte, who has also been criticized by human rights groups, has said that he would appoint his own government.

The president said he was appointing the new princess “in order to strengthen our countrys defense, our security, and our economic future.”

The new princess will be given the title of “Princess,” he told his supporters on Thursday.

The king and queen will be made responsible for ensuring the safety of the country, Duterte said.

The countrys new crown Prince will be accompanied by his father-inlaw and the other members of the royal family, he said, adding that they will not make public appearances until they are officially made the crown princes.

He added that the coronations will be attended by members of his administration.


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