How herbal remedies are helping with cancer symptoms

The herbal remedy ‘Cure Me’ has been credited with helping with a range of symptoms, including fatigue, depression and anxiety.

But now the supplement is under fire for selling it without a prescription.

The product’s makers claim it’s been tested and proven to work and it’s sold by a range from Chinese and US companies.

But some herbal supplements, including herbal cough and cold remedies, have been linked to a range, including the deadly coronavirus.

One of the products, the CureMe® Tea, was labelled as “a non-prescription cough suppressant”, and a website listing it as a “non-prescribed cold relief product” was also taken down.

“A non-clinical trial has not been conducted and the product is not available for sale without a doctor’s prescription,” CureMe said in a statement.

It added: “The product is currently unavailable at our retail stores.

We are investigating this matter.”

It’s unclear how the herbal remedy was tested or what it did, though many people who use the product are concerned about its safety.

The Australian Cancer Society said its research team would be monitoring the product closely.

“We need to be very cautious, we need to make sure it is safe and not being promoted as something to treat cancer,” Cancer Prevention Australia’s medical director, Dr Andrew Bremmer, said.

“If this is a non-medical product, I don’t think it’s safe.”

The company behind the product said it was “in full compliance” with all safety requirements and that it had been approved for use in Australia.

It said it had received “several inquiries” about the product, and had not received any negative comments.

CureMe said its products had been “approved for sale and consumption in the US, Australia and New Zealand”, and that they were being tested in the UK, the US and China.

One of the websites that sold the product was set up by the China-based China Natural Health Co Ltd (CNHCL), which said it “does not provide medical advice” and had no role in the formulation of CureMe.

However, CNHCL’s website was registered in China with the Chinese name of “CureMed”, and the company said it registered the domain name “” and “”.

It also said it would not sell the product to anyone under the age of 18.

The website also said CureMe was the first herbal cough reliever to be approved by the FDA, and that its use in the United States “has been validated by the World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.

Chen Jie, an Australian based herbalist, said the product “was marketed to people in a way that was extremely deceptive”.

“There’s a lot of things people are doing with their products and there are many products that are marketed to treat people that are very different to CureMe,” she said.

She said the “unconscionable” advertising had a negative impact on people buying herbal remedies.

“[The marketing] is absolutely irresponsible, the message that they are giving is that there are no good or safe alternatives to this,” she told ABC News.

Despite the product being sold by CNHCHL, the website listing CureMe as a cough suppressor and “non prescription cold relief” was taken down by the company on Monday.

It said the company had “suspended the sale” of CureMed products.

In a statement, CureMe told the ABC: “Cancel all sales of Cureme and all products related to Cureme as soon as possible.

We want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for the misleading and unacceptable marketing that has been launched through our website.”

The product was tested and certified as safe and effective and has been approved by our regulators.

We have not received nor will we be releasing any more data to the public regarding this product.

“A spokeswoman for CNH CL said the brand had “not received any adverse comments”.

She also said the Chinese company had not provided any medical advice.

A spokesperson for C NHCL said it does not sell herbal cough suppressants or cold relief products.”

As part of its regulatory process, we have reviewed the safety profile of Cure Me and we have provided the product with a ‘full and thorough’ review,” the spokesperson said.


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