How to make a ‘true’ aromatherapy oil: Learn from a chemist

Some of the most potent aromatherapeutic oils, which contain a natural plant-derived ingredient called tannins, have medicinal properties.

And some of the oils have also been used for centuries as a healing and anti-aging agent.

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Now, a new company called The Alchemist has a patent on a new type of oil, called an aromatheraper, that uses tannin to deliver a powerful high.

The patent describes how the oil is made, how it’s heated, and how it delivers the high.

“Aromatherapy oil can be used to treat an array of medical conditions, including: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis, and other conditions that are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain,” the patent states.

The Alchemist’s patent goes on to describe how the oils work.

When heated, the tannos give the oil a bright red color and make it glow, which is known as a ‘light’ or ‘color’.

The patent describes that the tanned oil gives the patient a “light, clean, and relaxing” sensation.

“It is safe for the patient and does not cause any long-term side effects,” the application states.

The tanned oils are not made from tannic acid, which has been used to create candles.

Instead, the Alchemist uses tanneca, a natural source of tannes, which are derived from the plant Aconitum dioica.

“In addition to being safe for use, the aroma of Aconite dioic acid gives off an excellent fragrance, as well as a calming effect,” the Alchemist’s application states.

“The Company believes it has developed a method for producing the tannecal extract that produces a safe, effective, and odorless oil that provides a ‘color’ that has the effect of providing a soothing sensation, and is safe to use for use as an alternative to a traditional topical cream.”

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In a statement, Alchemist President Mark Zantos said the company’s patent application has received “strong feedback” from pharmacists and patients.

“We are excited to share that our patent application for a tannal oil has received strong feedback from pharmacologists and patients,” Zantons said.

“The oil can effectively treat some of our most common medical conditions with ease.

As the first to market in the U.S., we believe this oil can help others and the global community with their daily aromatheraping needs.”

The company hopes to commercialize the oil by 2018.

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