Walmart to begin selling bulk and low-priced items online with its new mobile app

Posted September 20, 2018 11:53:13Walmart is looking to make bulk and cheaper goods available for its mobile app.

The grocery chain said it will soon launch a mobile app that will allow shoppers to order online, pay and then pick up the goods from a warehouse.

The Walmart app will allow users to pay and track their order with the Walmart Mobile app.

It also will offer discounts on the items to be delivered, and a store loyalty program.

The app will be available on iPhone and Android phones as well as and

It will allow the shopping experience to be more personalized.

Walmart previously started offering bulk items online in September.

In the past, customers had to pay a shipping fee, but the company has now eliminated that charge.

The Walmart app was developed with the help of former Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and was funded by the retailer’s charitable foundation.

The company is also making some changes to its online store.

It is allowing customers to book a pickup from a Walmart store.

The store will pick up merchandise and send it to a warehouse that will then deliver it to the customer.

The process of picking up the merchandise is now completely automated, and Walmart said it is also adding a mobile delivery option for customers.

The new Walmart app comes as Walmart has been struggling with online shopping.

The company recently said it had shipped just $2.1 billion in online orders in the second quarter.

The mobile app is currently available in China, but Walmart has not said when it plans to roll it out to other countries.


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