What’s it like to work with Rosemary Barton?

When the idea of working with a woman who produces a fragrance for men first crossed my mind, I was instantly taken with Rose Mary Barton’s ability to create a floral scent that is both wearable and wearable.

Her blend of musk and rose was a hit and I was excited to try a limited edition bottle of the perfume. 

As it turns out, this is a bottle that has inspired a lot of other perfume lovers, and the first release is going to be a limited release, so you can buy a bottle for yourself. 

In addition to the Rosemary, we also have the Nestor and Rosemary, and Harmony flavors, which will be available for purchase at the same time as the Rose, and we’ll also be offering the Lemon flavor as well. 

So if you want to see more Rosemary flan, or if you’re just looking to grab a bottle and see what other fragrances are on the way, check out the limited release below. 

For more on Rosemary’s upcoming releases, be sure to check out our interview with Rose on The Cosmopolitan and her Instagram. 

The Rosemary Flan (Limited Release)  (1ml) Fragrance: Rosemary (Mixed Flowers) Scent: Fresh Lemon  Ingredients: Rosemoss, Vetiver, Rosemary Flower, Orange Peel, Black Pepper, Cloves, Amber, Ginger, Vanilla Suggested Usage: 1.

Pour a small amount of rosemary flower or rosemary into a glass, shake well, and apply directly to the skin.


Leave for 5 minutes or until the scent has dissipated. 3.


For Rosemary and Nettor flan: Rosemoss (30ml) Fragrance (Mixed): Rosemary (Sweetness) Color: Amber Stones: Orange Peel (Orange) Size: 30ml  (20g)  Price: $6.00 (12ml)

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