Which are the most common and harmful drugs?

Most drugs are toxic, and the ones that are usually found in the wrong hands can have severe side effects, like kidney stones and liver damage.

The ones that can be prescribed and used safely are also a big concern. 

For instance, the drug Naltrexone, which is used for high blood pressure, has been found in many prescription drugs to be a potential threat to people with heart disease. 

In the past, doctors have been worried that many of the drugs are addictive, and that some of them could cause long-term psychological damage. 

This is why, as India moves towards a healthcare system based on e-health, there is an urgent need to be more transparent about what is in medicines, and how they are prescribed.

The government is in the process of establishing a central database for all prescription drugs, which would be used to monitor the use of medicines in different countries.

It is hoped that this database would also allow the government to monitor any misuse of medicines, or misuse of the new e-medical system. 

India’s healthcare system is a huge opportunity for the government.

While the country has a lot of health problems and problems with the provision of healthcare, its healthcare system also has a huge potential.

It would be a shame if it didn’t have a positive impact on the overall health of the country.


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