‘Amber Alert’ canned and sold in UK to UK consumer

Amber Alert products were sold in the UK to a British consumer and were labelled “soap” on the package.

The bottles were branded “clay” and the labels said they contained “sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium lauryl sulphate”.

The Amber Alerts are intended to alert consumers to potentially harmful chemicals in products.

The chemicals are known to cause birth defects and can lead to skin and respiratory problems.

An investigation by The Times newspaper has found that more than a dozen of the bottles and cans of products were being sold in Britain at the time.

More than two dozen Amber Alert bottles and 10 cans of soaps were bought by a customer who paid a fee of £2,500, The Times reported.

Several products also appeared to have been sold by the company in the US, where consumers were also urged to buy products labelled “food safe”.

AmberAlert products were also advertised for sale in Canada.

A Amber Alert website states that products contain “fresh herbs, vegetables, spices, essential oils and other plant-based ingredients to provide the highest quality natural ingredients that can provide a long lasting health benefit”.

“You can also enjoy a wide range of organic and natural products that are also made from the freshest ingredients,” it says.

“Amber alerts can be used to track the ingredients and how well they are working for you.”

The company said it is not yet known how many of the products sold in America had been tested for the chemicals, which were banned in the United Kingdom in April 2019.

Many of the ingredients have been tested by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the past and have been found to be safe, the company said.

Last month, the British government announced plans to ban the use of a range of chemicals including the herbicide bisphenol A, which is used to manufacture a range, including the shampoo and conditioner Burt’s Bees shampoo and body wash.

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