How to safely store, transport and dispose of alcohol bottles

You’re probably used to keeping your alcohol bottles at home, but a new study says keeping them in the garage is safer.

The research found that when a glass container is placed in the air vent on the top of a vehicle, the air is more likely to get trapped in the glass.

The air would then get trapped again when the container is lifted out of the air duct and thrown into a bucket.

Researchers say that this can lead to air bubbles forming in the container and causing damage to the inside.

The researchers suggest that people should avoid placing glass containers in a car or any other open area where there’s a high chance they could get trapped.

Dr. Matthew Cappelli, who led the research, said that although it’s not ideal, it’s a safe method of storing alcohol.

Dr Cappellis study was published online by the Journal of Medical Toxicology.

He said that the researchers had tested the air in two different ways: one that used a portable air vent and the other one that uses a bucket with a plastic lid.

He said that in the portable vent, air is sucked out through a small nozzle and then into the bucket.

The researchers also used a different method to test the air quality inside the bucket that had a glass top.

In that experiment, the researchers put air from a portable vent in a bucket filled with water, and then used a handheld vacuum pump to suck out the air from the bucket as it was being filled with the water.

The pump then sucked out the water again, and the researchers measured the oxygen content in the water as it went through the bucket, according to Dr Cappeli.

The results showed that air from either of these methods can get trapped and cause air bubbles to form in the bottle, according, according the study.

He also said that when the air gets sucked out of a container, it can’t get trapped into the glass again, so it’s important to use a bucket that has a plastic top that can withstand the vacuum.

Dr Patrick O’Neill, a spokesman for the Canadian Alcohol and Gaming Commission (CAGC), said that it’s still unknown whether or not the air can be pulled out of bottles using this method.

He told CBC News that the study didn’t compare different methods, so there is still room for further study.

“We’re definitely looking at it,” O’Reilly said.

“We’re also looking at the other studies that have come out that say the air doesn’t get sucked out, but it does get trapped.”


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