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An article published on Recode reveals that a recent interview with a tech executive about her work on the film Black Panther was “so much about how she was trying to capture the essence of a woman in a male-dominated world”.

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Recode has uncovered an interesting story that the tech executive mentioned in the interview shared with Recode’s Kara Swisher.

She shared the details with Swisher, and it turned out to be a fascinating and disturbing insight into the lives of women and the effects of gender-based discrimination.

According to the interview, the woman started working at Marvel Entertainment in 2012.

She was there for about five years, and eventually quit because she didn’t feel like she had “the right to say no”.

At the time, the company was making a movie about an African-American superhero, Black Panther.

The woman worked on it for six months.

She told Swisher that she was frustrated by the lack of female representation in Hollywood.

“There was an issue of not being able to get the kind of female role models in the industry,” the woman said.

“You would hear women talking about how they wanted to become directors, but they weren’t being hired for that because of the fact that they were black.”

The woman explained that she and her co-workers were constantly telling themselves that if they were lucky enough to get hired for a role, they’d be hired for the right reason.

“But that’s not the case, because I’m a white woman,” she said.

It is true that in 2014, Marvel had announced that it would be hiring female directors for its upcoming slate of films, and Marvel’s own director of photography, Lauren Shuler Donner, was one of the first to be announced.

But that’s only part of the problem.

Shuler Donter wrote a blog post about how Black Panther could have been “a story about a black woman fighting back against racism”.

She explained that while the movie could have easily been about a white female being able in a black male world, it was still problematic for her to have to talk about it in a space that was already dominated by white women.

She said she was also frustrated by how the women at Marvel weren’t allowed to talk to each other.

She said:”The reason that they don’t talk to the women is because they’re women.

There’s no space for women to be open about themselves.

It’s so much about their work.”

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Read moreShuler said that she did get to see some of the black women who worked at Marvel, and she also talked to some of them.

The women told her that they weren “furious” that Marvel was doing an all-white superhero movie.

She continued:”I was very disappointed in the fact they were all white, because the movies are about the best black people.

It was like, this is so unfair.”

The tech executive told Recode that she wasn’t surprised by the women’s feelings.

“It’s not about the women being upset about anything,” she told Swire.

“The fact that it’s happening in the film industry is so important to them.

They just want to make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future.”

Shuler was also upset about the fact Marvel Studios’ chief content officer, Lauren Schulman, was not allowed to speak to her and her colleagues.

She described her as “unable to communicate with anyone about my work because I am black”.

“I’m trying to do the right thing, and I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” she explained.

She also said that the lack in diversity at Marvel was something that she had always considered, but it was something she was concerned about.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” she admitted.

“It’s a huge, huge issue in Hollywood.”

Shulman told Recoded that she has always been concerned about diversity, but that she started noticing things happening at Marvel in the last few years.

“For years I have been concerned that women were not doing as well in this field,” she recalled.

“We’re still struggling with that, but there’s definitely a shift towards more women being in tech.”

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