Tea Tree to invest $20M in Georgia plant

Tea Tree Capital, a venture capital firm with investments in such tech giants as Snapchat and Twitter, is investing $20 million in a Georgia plant to help boost its growing industry.

The investment comes just months after the Georgia Tea Party, a pro-Tea Party group that wants to limit tea consumption and limit the production of genetically modified (GM) food, staged a protest outside a plant in the Atlanta suburb of Fayetteville to protest the plant’s plans.

Tea Tree CEO David DeWolf says the Georgia plant, known as the Atlanta Tea Tree Farms, is “going to be an incredible asset to the Atlanta region.”

He also says the investment will help the company “support its farmers and suppliers.”

Tea Tree’s previous investment in the plant came in 2016 when it invested $5 million to help it grow its plant.

It’s not clear how much the investment is worth.

“It’s a new and exciting opportunity for us to help grow Georgia’s tea industry,” DeWolf said.

Tea tree has not yet announced its plans for the new plant, but DeWolf expects it to be completed by mid-2018.

“We believe the Atlanta area is a great fit for our investment, given our commitment to sustainable production and sustainability, and the strong Tea Tree brand, as well as the local expertise in agriculture and green jobs,” DeWolks CEO wrote in a blog post.

The Atlanta Tea Party said it will hold a press conference at the plant to discuss the plant.

The Georgia Tea Tree Farm is one of several Tea Tree plants in the U.S. that were closed after tea-maker Green Wave was accused of using genetically modified organisms to produce tea.

Green Wave’s plant in Fulton County was sold to a Tea Tree plant in Florida, according to Reuters.


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