The most common oils on Amazon and Apple’s new gadgets

Amazon has officially launched its new oil bar, a sleek, $99.99 gadget designed to be a companion to its own popular oil scrub, as well as an Amazon favorite.

The oil bar will be available on Amazon this summer, the company announced on Thursday.

The new bar is designed to work with both Amazon Prime members and Apple customers.

Amazon Prime subscribers can use the oil bar to wash the oils on their smartphones and tablets, then use the scrub to rinse the oil off their hair and clothes.

Amazon says it’s designed to wash in 30 minutes, and the scrub is designed for a scrub that lasts up to 12 hours on a charge.

Apple’s new oil scrub is also expected to be available to Prime customers in the fall.

Apple said it’s also releasing a new “specialty oil” bar that’s specifically designed to clean hair and skin, as a supplement to its existing scrub.

Apple previously unveiled its own oil bar in May 2017, and it’s one of the first products from Apple that has been released to the public.

Apple is also debuting a new Apple Clean-Up Brush on Friday that will come in a small glass bottle.

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