What happens when you take a piece of clay and build a house on it?

A couple of years ago, I had an idea that I’d built a home on the top of a brick pile.

It was a nice bit of urban renewal and I had a big backyard, but I had no idea what I was doing.

My daughter told me that when she was young, she’d lived in a house built from clay.

She told me it was beautiful, and it was just so much more fun.

So, it seemed like the perfect fit for me.

And now, almost three years later, I’m finally ready to build my own home.

Here’s what you need to know about clay.

The Basics of Clay The basic ingredients for building a home are clay, sand, water, and sandpaper.

The clay can be as simple as a piece from your garden or a piece you find in the shed of your neighbor.

It doesn’t matter what type of clay you use, it all needs to be very clean and dry.

A little sandpaper can add a touch of interest and texture to the piece.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more challenging, you can use a sanded piece of earth, like a piece left on the floor, to create a little layer of dirt.

I started by making a few simple plans, but when I looked into what I wanted to build, I realized that I had two options.

I could make the clay into a simple foundation.

Or I could try to build a new house from the ground up using a piece that was not clay, such as a brick.

The foundation of a home is built from two basic components: clay and bricks.

Clay is the most common type of building material, so it’s what most people start with.

Clay can be made from sand or a mix of sand and sand paper, depending on how much it has been sanded and how long it’s been sitting around.

It can also be sanded down, which is what I did with my house.

In the end, I ended up using some of the more expensive sand paper from my yard to make a base for the house.

When you build a home, the main thing you want to focus on is how much space you have.

For this, I needed to have enough space to make an outdoor kitchen and a dining room.

I also needed a bathroom, because I wanted a space for my daughter to go to sleep at night.

For a bath, I decided to use a brick bathtub.

It had a wooden base and the water was piped into the tub from a tap in the front.

Once I had the space, I filled the tub with sand.

The sanding helped to seal the clay, so I had to keep it damp.

After that, I painted a small strip of clay on the inside of the tub to give it a little more of a “wall” effect.

I added a few pieces of clay to each side to create the base of the bathtub and made a little pile of dirt on top of it.

Then I sanded the entire tub using sandpaper, adding a bit of water to the sandpaper to keep the water from getting too dry.

The base was a bit challenging, so my wife helped me.

She started with a piece I found in the yard and then she cut it down to size and started building a base from it.

She added a piece to the end of the base that was sanded a little deeper and sanded it down a bit.

Finally, I made a small layer of brick from the top to create an exterior foundation.

As soon as I finished building my house, I removed the bricks, sanded them down a little, and added a little clay to the base.

I sand again, and I added another layer of clay so that I could add more bricks.

I put a few more bricks on top and then added more bricks from the other side.

Now, I was done.

I had built a house!

Here’s how I built my house in one day.

I used a brick, sanding and paintbrush to build the foundation, and a clay pot and sanding pad to build all of the walls.

Once everything was built, I added two layers of brick and then sanded that down a few times to seal it.

After I finished, I laid down a couple of boards on the clay and used the boards to form the walls around the bath.

I painted them all white, and then I made the bath with a mixture of white paint and white water to create some contrast and a little depth.

After the bath was done, I started painting the outside of the house, so that it looked like it was made from the same material as the house’s inside.

Then, I sand the outside and added some sandpaper on top to seal everything up.

Finally I put the entire house together, with the exterior and the interior, in just a few hours.

And while the whole house was built in just two days,


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