When Tea Tree Is the Future of CO2: The Tea Tree and the Tea Party

The Tea Party has been on the rise since 2011.

Now, a new survey suggests that the tea party may be in for a comeback.

The survey found that tea party supporters are more likely to support Republicans and less likely to back Democrats.

Tea party supporters also show higher levels of faith in the government, lower levels of religiosity and support for religious freedom than other American groups.

The poll was conducted by American University’s Center for Public Opinion and was commissioned by the Tea Partiers of America.

Tea Party supporters have long supported Republicans and support them by a margin of more than a 2-to-1 margin.

But this year, the Tea PARTiers have grown in popularity, with the majority of tea party members supporting Democrats and independents.

Tea partiers also tend to be more likely than their Republican counterparts to believe that government should provide free health care and more than twice as likely to say that the federal government should pay for public colleges and universities.

The Tea PARTies have also had a bigger bounce back in favorability ratings since 2011 than their supporters.

But they’re now also showing signs of growing disaffection with the party.

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