Why did the Australian government send an Aboriginal child into detention?

Posted January 01, 2018 17:57:30The Federal Government has decided to send an Indigenous child into “remote” detention after being urged to do so by the Australian Government.

The Federal Opposition and some Liberal MPs have asked the Attorney-General’s Department to take the case, calling for the Federal Government to do more to prevent the deaths of Indigenous children.

But the Attorney General’s Department has told the ABC that it has not yet received any advice on the matter.

In a statement, the department said the Federal government was taking the matter “very seriously” and that it had already made “significant efforts” to ensure the child would be treated humanely.

“The Government recognises the importance of providing adequate and safe care to children in remote and isolated environments,” the statement said.

“Our policy and practices require that children be housed in safe, appropriate, supportive and culturally appropriate settings.”

The department said it had made significant efforts to ensure children were housed in appropriate and safe settings.

“At the request of the Government, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has been meeting with local and State Governments to seek further guidance,” the department’s statement said, adding it had also consulted with Indigenous and community members.

“We continue to make significant efforts, including through our regional and local Aboriginal Liaison Officers, to ensure that children in the remotest remote and Aboriginal settings are provided with appropriate care and support.”ABC Indigenous reporter Simon Gourley was at a meeting with a senior immigration official in the detention centre in the central Queensland town of Camps Bay.

The official said it was a matter of time before the child was placed in the “remote environment” and said he was also concerned about the impact of prolonged solitary confinement.

“If you have any of these young people that are in this situation, they can be in the remote environment and there’s no support or support network to assist them to get out of there,” the official said.

Mr Gourleys reports will be posted on ABC Indigenous on Tuesday.

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