How to avoid falling asleep in a plane

As passengers begin to sleep in a rowboat, there are a lot of ways to wake them up.

The key is knowing what to do when that happens.

The crew of a United Airlines flight that was grounded over the weekend in Singapore is trying to figure out a way to wake up some passengers, but it could be a while.

The captain of the Boeing 777-200ER plane reported he woke up more than 60 people, including the pilots and crew, at Singapore’s airport, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

The captain was able to wake all but one passenger, said the statement, adding that none of them suffered any physical injury.

Passengers were allowed to return to their seats but only the crew of the flight that took off from the island of Thammasat was allowed to sleep on the ground.

It was not immediately clear why the plane was grounded.

The Ministry of Transportation has been in contact with the airline and is awaiting an explanation, said spokeswoman Tan Wai-wai.

Passengers and crew were allowed back to their flights and the plane landed safely, she said.

The Boeing 777’s emergency response system, called the Automatic Emergency Management System, was able, though, to wake some of the passengers, the ministry said.

The airline is offering to send a replacement plane and passengers on a free flight to Singapore.

The plane, carrying 239 people, was scheduled to leave Singapore on Monday and was due to arrive in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Singapore is about a half-hour from Hong Kong, where most passengers on the flight landed.

The Singaporean government said in an emailed statement that the pilot had reported a “very high level of fatigue” and that it was “unacceptable that passengers were allowed the privilege of being left awake on the aircraft while the pilot was able only to wake a few people at a time.”

It said the pilot would not be allowed to be the first to board the next flight.

The airline said in its statement that it is working with the pilot to ensure the flight is resumed.

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