How to pronounce lavender?

A few years ago, the world was shocked to learn that the spice, the most popular in the Indian kitchen, could be found in some foods.

The discovery came to light when food scientist Anushka Raghavan and her husband Anupam were researching how spice works when they discovered that lavender oil is more potent than the commonly used cinnamon and nutmeg.

“The research led us to conclude that we should be using cinnamon and cloves as the base of our spices,” Raghavans wrote in an email.

But the Raghans have since found that lavenders are also found in other foodstuffs like nuts and fruits, but are only found in a limited number of countries.

“A lot of countries still use only one kind of spice, and that is the kind you get in a shop, which means it’s more expensive than the spice you can buy at a supermarket,” Rachan said.

“So in India, we’re going to keep using all the kinds of spices we can.”

In this article, we look at how to pronounce the spice lavender, which is used in a variety of foodstuff.


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