Jasmine Beador, an Indigenous woman who is fighting for a seat in Saskatchewan’s legislature, says she’s going to get her wish

Jasmine Bustor, a Cree-born Saskatoon lawyer and former member of the Canadian Forces, is one of three Indigenous candidates vying for the upcoming Saskatchewan legislature elections.

Bustor is the first Indigenous woman to represent the region in Saskatchewan, a province with a large Aboriginal population.

Bustour is currently a partner in the Saskatchewan Law Society, a legal aid service for indigenous people and advocates.

“We’re hoping to get into the legislature to make a difference,” Bustour said.

“I’m not a politician.

I’m a person, I’m passionate about my work and I believe in the importance of Indigenous people’s voices.”

Bustour says she was inspired to run after hearing about the ongoing Aboriginal issues in Saskatchewan and that she is passionate about the issues facing indigenous people across the country.

“When I saw that the province of Saskatchewan was taking action to address the issues of Indigenous peoples and I wanted to do something about it, I decided to run,” she said.

In 2014, Bustour and her husband, Mark, decided to buy their first home in Saskatchewan.

“It was just really an easy decision,” she explained.

“The only thing that kept me from being able to do that was my job, and my husband.”

Bustor has worked as an attorney since she was 19 years old, and she believes she has the skills to take on the legislative arena.

“Being an Indigenous lawyer, it’s just a matter of being able do your job,” she noted.

Bustoring said she’s seen the importance in representing the issues that Indigenous people face.

“As a lawyer, you have to have a great deal of compassion for people and be willing to stand up for them,” she added.

“That’s why I believe that there are more voices that are heard in the legislature than you would think, because people are just so often overlooked.”

In 2016, Bustor said she had a personal and professional impact on the lives of Aboriginal people in the province.

“A lot of my clients are very close to my heart,” she stated.

“They are like sisters and mothers, and I know that when I go home, they have a big smile on their face and I have a lot of love for them.”

Bustur has worked for several Aboriginal organizations and has been involved in the fight for the rights of Indigenous children and youth in the past.

“My clients are really proud of me,” she concluded.

Bustora says she is excited to be a part of the Saskatoon community.

“If we don’t do our job, we will be lost,” she continued.

“This is where we need to be, because this is where our future is.”

Bustoran said she plans to keep working hard in order to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer.

“Every time I do something good for the community, I feel like I’m doing a good thing,” she pointed out.

“But I also feel like it’s important for me to make the right decisions because there are some issues that need to come to the table and work together.”

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