How to get over the “pink slime” smell in the bottle

By Sarah McCauleyIt might not seem like the most obvious way to clean up the orange aroma from your bottle, but it’s something that could really be worth paying attention to. 

It’s not as simple as pulling a dirty bottle out of the bottle and replacing it with a new one, however. 

If you want to get rid of the orange smell, you’re going to need to clean the bottle first. 

So, what you’re about to read will explain the basics of how to do just that. 

This article assumes that you have a regular, non-sour orange bottle. 

For this article, I’m going to assume you’ve got a bottle of brandy, so I’ll use that as a starting point. 

To get the orangey smell out of your bottle in this case, you’ll want to remove the neck of the old bottle, and discard it. 

Then, you should use a syringe to puncture the neck, and scrape it clean. 

When the bottle is clean, you can clean the inside of the neck and the neck itself, with a syringer or a syrup. 

Once the bottle has been thoroughly rinsed, you need to rinse it out and discard the old, rinsing solution. 

The orange juice, which is the most acidic ingredient in a bottle, is the last thing to go. 

You’re going do this with a water-based rinse solution, like that used to wash dish soap. 

A lot of people use an alcohol-based water rinse, as well, but I’ve seen people use a distilled water rinse as well. 

After rinses are complete, you don’t want to go back to your old bottle to get a fresh one. 

Instead, you want a new bottle of wine. 

I recommend purchasing a bottle with a clean neck. 

In order to remove that smell, the old one needs to be cleaned first.

You’ll want a clean, dry bottle to do this. 

Grab a couple of tissues and apply them to the neck area, and let it sit there for about 30 seconds. 

While you’re waiting for it to dry, take a couple drops of vinegar, or even just a drop of rubbing alcohol, and rub the neck down. 

That’s it! 

Don’t worry about doing anything else until you’re satisfied with the result. 

Now, you may be wondering why you’d want to wash the bottle after all of that? 

Well, that’s a good question. 

There are two things that can cause the orange-y smell from the bottle.

One, is that the bottle was washed in warm water, so it’s a bit of a mess when you put it in the dishwasher. 

And two, it can come from the oil in the vinegar. 

Most people wash their bottles in hot water, but you’ll need to experiment with the type of vinegar and the amount of oil you use. 

Here’s a great article on washing wine bottles to get you started.

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