The weird world of peppermint candy – and how it is making its way around Australia

More than 100 million pieces of candy are sold every year in Australia, with the most popular candy being the peppermint one, according to an Australian industry report.

A new report has revealed how some of the most iconic candy brands have been developed and marketed in Australia.

The study, published by the Australian Industry Group, analysed the sales of candy in Australia and found that there were at least 100 different brands of candy being produced in Australia at the time of the report.

While the report says the “big three” are currently the best sellers in Australia (M&M, M&Ms, and Creme Pies), there are many other brands that are growing in popularity and gaining ground in Australia as well.

The report found that between 2001 and 2013, there were more than 100 brands, including the popular peppermint brand, in Australia alone.

It also found that candy manufacturers have been working with food retailers to increase their appeal, such as using products with a distinctive flavor profile or packaging that makes the candy look more appealing.

The top brands include M&M and M&P brands, while the bottom two include Creme, Creme-Creme, Mmm Puff and Mmm Creme.

The M&S brand has a reputation for being a bit sweeter than other brands, which may be why they have become popular in Australia in recent years.

But there are also some brands that have also been around for decades and are considered a classic.

Creme Pieds, for example, was first sold in 1962.

Cream Pies were created by British chocolate maker, M & S. The first brand was sold in the United Kingdom in 1972 and the first in the USA in 1979.

There are a number of other companies that are also creating new, different products and it’s difficult to say what the next phase of the candy craze is.

“The trend of using different flavoured ingredients for different products is a bit of a trend, it’s a trend that’s being driven by the candy industry,” food historian, Mark Brierley said.

“We don’t know where that’s going to go and what the trends are going to be, we don’t even know how many different products there are.”

But the industry as a whole is very much in a boom mode right now.

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